日期 Date:13/9/2020 (星期日 Sunday)    
  时间 Time:8:30am~1pm (考生须于8.00am前抵达考场)  
  (Candidates are to be at the exam venue before 8:00am)  
   简章  Recruitment of Junior One Student for the Year 2021  
   (中文版)        (Eng. Version)  
  即日起至 12/9/2020止(公共假期除外)   
  网上报考截止:08/9/2020   Online Registration closes: 08th Sep 2020   
  (网上报考截止后,欲报考者可亲洽学校会计处或通过兴华学生缴交报考费及相关文件。 Please register with school directly or submit document to Hin Hua student for registration after this date)     
  Step 1  
  填写网上报考表格。表格成功缴交后,将通过电邮收到系统回复。 Fill out the “Online Registration form” and submit. You will soon receive auto reply.    
    网上报考                   网上报考样本  
    Online Exam Registration      Online Exam Registration (Sample)  
  Step 2  
  网上缴交报考费RM30(请用网上付费 “online banking”,而非ATM【自动提款机】付费)。付款银行 Pay the exam fee of RM30 through online banking. Banking details:      

Interbank Giro (IBG) 

Beneficiary BankUnited Overseas Bank Berhad (UOB)

Beneficiary Account1713066600

Beneficiary NameHin Hua High School / Sek. Men. Hin Hua

Recipient Reference:考生英文名字 Candidate’s English name
Other Payment Detail:参号(务必填写,参号请见“2021学年初一新生报考表”右上角的5位数参号) Registration Form number (found on top right corner of the “Online Registration form”)
  注:当您完成网上付费 (online banking),将于2~3个工作日内通过 电邮收到“报考费收据”。请务必将附件的收据列印出来。考试当天,考生必须凭此“报考费收据”进入考场。     
  You will receive an email attached with the exam fee official receipt within 2-3 working days after a successful online banking payment. Please PRINT the receipt and bring it on the exam day as an ADMIT CARD.    
  Step 3  
  Email year 5 and year 6 1st semester(if available)academic transcript to hhrecruit@hinhua.edu.my . Please remember to record your exam fee official receipt number on the transcript.  
  Kindly confirm that you have completed all the three steps to ensure a successful exam registration.  
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