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The Symbiosis of Humanities and Technology Lies Our Future
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Hin Hua Park

An officially set up blog in Chinese which contains Hin Hua Monthly & students' works of Writing Competition


Our School was awarded a Five-Star Certificate from Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia Bahagian Pendidikan Swasta in
year 20092012 and 2015 .
Our Philosophy

The school is characterized by its student-centered approach in education which encourages self-exploratory learning to achieve rewarding and lasting insights in the learning experience. We understand the importance of knowledge in technology for our students to excel in the information era but we also strongly believe that only when it is coupled with the elegance of humanities can our students be considered complete and ready to strive in the competitive world. This view is precisely captured in the school motto “The Symbiosis of Humanities and Technology Lies Our Future”.

Our Vision

We are committed to nurturing creativity and innovative dispositions in our students in order to stay current and competitive in society.  We promote skills in introspection, proactive learning, self-management, optimism and pro-societal attitudes to help our students develop their potentials to the fullest.

Our Mission

Our goal is to serve our students and the society at large. We aim at creating a positive school culture that yields high quality students with self-actualization skills for personal development and contribution to the society.

To provide an all-round education for students in terms of mental alertness, intellectual capability, emotional balance, forthright morality, spiritual awareness and physical fitness.

To inspire creativity among students and encourage them to discover their innate talents and aptitudes through a pleasurable and adventurous learning process and actualize their goals.

To inculcate practical and objective thinking in students with a sense of ‘discrimination’ and ‘purpose’ towards their actions and to weigh and consider the outcomes with reasons, empathy and intuitive judgment.

To train students to be self-reliant, resourceful and effectively manage the challenges of life while harmoniously adapting to constant changes in the environment with self-confidence, general awareness, self-control and mature symbiotic relationships.

To instill human values in students and to guide them to become men and women of character and to act as agents of positive change in society; towards creating a better future and a higher standard of life.

To uphold the principles of ‘learn to live, learn to do, learn to be & learn to know’ in order to acquire an integrated personality.

To stress on quality education based on ‘Multiple Intelligence Mode’ offering a variety of subjects taught in the three main languages (Mandarin, English & Bahasa Malaysia); to cater to the varying capabilities of students; to enable them to discover their aptitudes and to develop a global perspective.