The Origin of Science and Technology Tower


When the number of students plunged to thirty in 1960s, a restructuring was implemented with a strong determination to reform Hin Hua High School. Over the decades, three phases of expansion have been completed through combined effort which demonstrated the perseverance and determination of Chinese educationists. The recognition of Hin Hua High School as a modern and well-equipped Chinese independent secondary school today is a testimonial to the effort of upholding the first language education and cultural continuity.

Upon completion of theteaching block in 2007, the school realised the significance of scientific and technological education within the framework of arts and social science education. The organisation of the National Science Camp for Independent Chinese Schools in 2008 and the opening of the Hin Hua Observatory in 2009 are among the effort by the school to emphasise the importance of science and technology education.

Other effort which has been put in by the school includes the completion of a new general science laboratory and the renovation of the Biology, Chemistry and Physics laboratories. These new facilities are aimed to provide better learning environment for students in their learning of science subjects.

However, the growing number of student population and rapid development in ICT, the present facilities are insufficient to cater to the students’ needs. The insufficience of facilities has prompted the school to initiate an additional expansion in our current premises.

Student-centred learning is the concept that underpins the education philosophy today. However, cultivating students to take charge of their own study is paramount.

In order for the school to provide all-rounded education to cultivate capable students, a comprehensive plan to maximise the available space is ultimately crucial in this expansion.

In view of the urgent needs to provide a conducive learning environment for students, the school has decided to build the Science and Technology Tower. Besides exploration in science and technology education, this Science and Technology Tower will house a student learning centre, an auditorium with a capacity of 600 seats, a performing art centre and an indoor sports centre.

Tan Sri Dato Seri (Dr.) Yeoh Tiong Lay, our chairman of the board, has shown his great vision and passion in making this dream a reality. As an alumni and a co-founder of Hin Hua High School, his dedications and contributions will set a new milestone for the school.

The building of Science and Technology Tower signifies a new milestone, a spirit to keep up with changing times.

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